Seat Belts
Retractor Inspection
1. With the retractor installed, check that the belt can
be pulled out freely.
2. Make sure that the belt does not lock when the
retractor is tilted over slowly to 15° from the
mounted position. The belt should lock when the
retractor is tilted over 40°
CAUTION: Do not attempt to disassemble the
* : Mounted Position
3. Replace the belt with a new one if there is any
On the Car Belt Inspection
1. Check that the belt is not twisted or caught on
2. After installing an anchor, check for free movement
on its retaining bolt. If necessary, remove the bolt
and check that the washers and other parts are not
damaged or installed improperly.
3. Check the belts for fouling, damage or discolora-
tion. Clean with a shop towel if fouled.
CAUTION: Use only soap and water to clean.
Dirt build-up in the metal loops of the seat belt an-
chors can cause the belts to retract slowly. Wipe
the inside of the loops with a clean cloth dampened
in isopropyl alcohol.
4. Check that the belt does not lock when pulled out
slowly. The belt is designed to lock only during a
sudden stop or impact.
5. Make sure that the belt will retract automatically
when released.
6. Replace the belt with a new one if there is any
Do not remove the toothed washer from the
child seat anchor plate. Use the child seat an-
chor plate with the toothed washer attached to
When installing a child seat, follow the instruc-
tions of the manufacturer of the child seat.
Additional anchor plates are available.
Do not use the anchor plate for any
other purpose; it is designed exclusively for in-
stallation of a child seat.
246 mm
(62.5 in)
100 mm
(25.4 in)
25 mm
(1 in)
8 x 1.25 mm
22 N·m (2.2 kg-m, 16 Ib-ft)
An attachment point is provided for a child restraint
system which uses a top tether. The tether bracket and
bolt are available at your Acura dealer. The tether at-
tachment point is located on the panel behind the
passenger’s seat-back.
1. Adjust the passenger seat fully forward to make
room behind the seat back.
2. Using the dimensions shown, measure and mark
the location of the attachment point on the interior
3. Use a razor blade or sharp knife to carefully cut a 1
inch diameter circle at the point you marked. Cut
through one layer at a time. You will need to
remove two layers to reach the tether attachment.
4. Install the tether bracket and bolt and tighten to: 16
Ib-ft (22 N·m)
Make sure to route the tether through the space bet-
ween the headrest and seat.
Child Seat Anchor Plate