Fuel & Emissions


PGM-FI System
Troubleshooting Flowchart Engine Will Not Start
Engine will not start.
Watch the Malfunction Indicator
Lamp (MIL) and turn the ignition
switch ON.
Did the MIL come on at all?
Did the MIL go off after
two seconds?
Turn the ignition switch OFF.
Connect the test harness between
the ECM and connectors (see
page 11-37).
Turn the ignition switch ON.
Measure voltage between body
ground and the following termi-
nals individually: A23, A24.
Is there less than 1.0 V?
Inspect fuel pressure (see page
Is fuel pressure OK?
Perform ignition system check
(see section 23).
Perform troubleshooting on page
Perform troubleshooting on page
Repair open in wire between ECM
and G101 (located at right middle
of engine) on wire that more than
1.0 V.
Repair as necessary.