Manual Transmission


Transmission Oil
NOTE: Check the oil at normal operating temperature
(the cooling fan comes on), engine OFF, and the car on
level ground.
1. Remove the oil filler plug, then check the level and
condition of the oil.
Proper Level
45 N-m (4.5 kg-m. 33 Ib-ft)
2. The oil level must be up to the fill hole. If it is below
the hole, add oil until it runs out, then reinstall the
oil filler plug.
3. If the transmission oil is dirty, remove the drain plug
and drain the oil.
4. Reinstall the drain plug with a new washer, and
refill the transmission oil to the proper level.
5. Reinstall the oil filler plug with a new washer.
NOTE: The drain plug washer should be replaced
at every oil change.
Oil Capacity
2.7 (2.9 US qt, 2.4 Imp qt) at oil change.
2.8 (3.0 US qt, 2.5 Imp qt) at overhaul.
Always use genuine Honda manual transmission fluid
(MTF). If it is not available, you may use an API
service SG or SH grade motor oil with a viscosity of
SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40 as a temporary replacement.
Motor oil can cause increased transmission wear and
higher shifting effort, so you should have the trans-
mission drained and refilled with Honda MTF as soon
as possible. OIL FILLER PLUG
45 N-m (4.5 kg-m. 33 Ib-ft)
WASHER Replace.
40 N-m (4.0 kg-m, 29 Ib-ft)
WASHER Replace