Fuel & Emissions


System Description Tailpipe Emission
The emission control system includes a three-way catalytic
converter, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system,
crankcase ventilation system and evaporative control
The emission control system is designed to meet federal and
state emission standards.
Do not smoke during this procedure. Keep
any open flame away from your work area.
1. Starting the engine and warm it up to normal
operating temperature by driving the car on the
2. Connect a tachometer.
3. Check idle speed and adjust the idle speed, if
necessary (page 11-84).
4. Warm up and calibrate the CO meter according to the
meter manufacturer’s instructions.
5. Check idle CO with the headlights, heater blower, rear
window defogger, cooling fan, and air conditioner off.
CO meter should indicate 0.1 % maximum.