Brakes & ABS


Rear Brakes
• Never use an air hose or dry brush to clean brake
• Use an OSHA-approved vacuum cleaner to avoid
breathing brake dust.
• Contaminated brake discs or pads reduce stopping
• Do not spill brake fluid on the car; it may damage
the paint; if brake fluid does contact the paint,
wash it off immediately with water.
• To prevent spills, cover the hose joints with rags
or shop towels.
• Clean all parts in brake fluid and air dry; blow out
all passages with compressed air.
• Before reassembling, check that all parts are
free of dust and other foreign particles.
• Replace parts with new ones whenever
specified to do so.
• Make sure no dirt or other foreign matter is
allowed to contaminate the brake fluid.
• Do not reuse the drained fluid. Use only clean
DOT3 or 4 brake fluid.
• Coat piston, piston seal, and caliper bore with
clean brake fluid.
• Replace all rubber parts with new ones
whenever disassembled.