Brakes & ABS


Front Brake Disc
Thickness and Parallelism
1. Raise each side of the car, and support it on safety
stands (see page 1-9 through 1-11). Remove the front
2. Remove the brake disc pads (see page 19-6).
3. Using a micrometer, measure disc thickness at
eight points, approximately 45° apart and 10 mm
(0.4 in) in from the outer edge of the disc.
Brake disc thickness:
Standard: 28.0 mm (1.10 in) max.
Service Limit: 26.0 mm (1.02 in)
Brake Disc Parallelism:
The difference between any thickness mea-
surements should not be more than 0.015 mm
(0.0006 in).
4. If the disc is beyond the limits for parallelism,
refinish it.
Max. Refinishing Limit: 26.0 mm (1.02 in)