Brakes & ABS


Front Caliper
• Never use an air hose or dry brush to clean brake
• Use an OSHA-approved vacuum cleaner to avoid
breathing brake dust.
• Do not spill brake fluid on the car; it may damage the
paint; if brake fluid does contact the paint, wash it
off immediately with water.
• To prevent spills, cover the hose joints with rags or
shop towels.
• Clean all parts in brake fluid and air dry; blow out all
passages with compressed air.
1. Remove the banjo bolt, and disconnect the brake
hose from the caliper.
2. Remove the caliper mounting bolts, then remove
the caliper.
3. Remove the pad spring from the caliper body.
4. If necessary, apply compressed air to the caliper
fluid inlet to get the pistons out. Place a shop rag or
wooden block as shown to cushion the pistons
when there are expelled. Use low pressure air in short
• Do not place your fingers in front of the piston.
• Do not use high air pressure; use an OSHA-
approved 30 PSI nozzle.
5. Remove the piston boots and piston seals.
CAUTION: Take care not to damage the cylinders.