Automatic Transmission


7. Remove the valve and thoroughly clean it and the valve
body with solvent. Dry all parts with compressed air,
then reassemble using ATF as a lubricant.
#600 abrasive
NOTE: This repair is only necessary if one or more of
the valves in a valve body do not slide smoothly in their
bores. You may use this procedure to free the valves in
the valve bodies.
1. Soak a sheet of #600 abrasive paper in ATF for about
30 minutes.
2. Carefully tap the valve body so the sticking valve drops
out of its bore.
CAUTION: It may be necessary to use a small
screwdriver to pry the valve free. Be careful not to
scratch the bore with the screwdriver.
3. Inspect the valve for any scuff marks. Use the ATF-
soaked #600 paper to polish off any burrs that are on
the valve, then wash the valve in solvent and dry it
with compressed air.
4. Roll up half a sheet of ATF-soaked paper and insert it
in the valve bore of the sticking valve.
Twist the paper slightly, so that it unrolls and fits the
bore tightly, then polish the bore by twisting the paper
as you push it in and out.
CAUTION: The valve body is aluminum and doesn’t
require much polishing to remove any burrs.
5. Remove the 600 paper and thoroughly wash the
entire valve body in solvent, then dry with compressed
6. Coat the valve with ATF then drop it into its bore. It
should drop to the bottom of the bore under its own
weight. If not, repeat step 4, then retest.