Fuel & Emissions


Troubleshooting Flowchart Engine Control Module (ECM)
Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)
never comes on (even for two se-
conds) after ignition is turned on.
Is the low oil pressure light on?
Turn the ignition switch OFF.
Connect the test harness between
the ECM and connectors (see
page 11-37).
Connect A13 terminal to body
Turn the ignition switch ON.
Is the MIL on?
Measure voltage between body
ground and the following termi-
Is there less than 1.0 V?
Substitute a known-good ECM
and recheck. If symptom/indica-
tion goes away, replace the origi-
nal ECM.
Inspect No. 5 (10 A) fuse in the
under-dash fuse box.
Is the fuse OK?
Repair open in YEL wire between
No. 5 (10 A) fuse and gauge as-
Replace the MIL bulb.
Repair open in BLU wire be-
tween ECM (A13) and gauge
Repair open in wire between ECM
and G101 (located at right middle
of engine) that had more than 1.0
Replace the fuse.
nals individually: A23, A24,
A26, B2.