Construction & Function


This engine is a 2,977 cm3 (181.6 cu-in) DOHC mid-ship unit having 6 cylinders of 90° —V configuration; it is water cool-
ed and equipped with a center plug type pent roof combustion chamber. It is specified for unleaded fuel and uses a
PGM-FI system: The PGM-FI system on this model is a sequential multiport fuel injection system.
PGM-FI system. This engine incorporates a new mechanism called Honda Variable Valve Timing and Valve Lift Elec-
tronic Control System (VTEC). This mechanism, the world’s first, allows the timing and lift of the intake and exhaust
valves to be changed simultaneously. The engine also includes a new electronically-controlled intake manifold system
that can change the volume of the intake chamber.

This engine has the following new features.
Bore x Stroke
Compression Ratio
Cam, Valve Mechanism
Valve Train
Fuel Supply System
Water-cooled V6—90° Cross Flow
2,977 cm3(181.6cu-in)
90 x 78 mm (3.54 x 3.07 in)
Dual Overhead Camshafts, VTEC
Belt Driven
Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection (SFI)
VTEC; High output and a broad power band is achieved through control of low-speed and high-speed valve operation
by the Engine Control Module (ECM).
(Two knock sensors are used to detect octane level of the fuel.)
Titanium connecting rods ; Accomodate high rotation speed and high output. Titanium material of light weight and
high strength is used for the connecting rods.
(Strength is at the same level as iron.)
(Weight is about 30% lighter than iron.)
New mechanism to the intake system; Increased low and middle speed torque and higher output can be achieved by
switching the chamber volume of the intake manifold according to engine speed. This is electronically-controlled.
Cooling system for the mid-ship engine:
Radiator located in front compartment (An aluminum alloy radiator and pipes made of aluminum alloy)
Engine room cooling fan
Expansion tank
The cylinder block is highly rigid with deep water jackets.
In order to achieve lighter weight, magnesium is used for the following parts:
Cylinder head cover
Intake manifold cover
Intake manifold chamber
Major Specifications