Cruise Control
The cruise control system uses mechanically and electri-
cally operated devices to maintain vehicle speed at a
setting selected by the driver.
The ECM receives command signals from the cruise con-
trol main switch and the cruise control set/resume switch.
It receives information about operating conditions from
the brake switch, vehicle speed sensor (VSS), the clutch
switch (with manual transmission), or the A/T gear posi-
tion switch (with automatic transmission). The ECM
sends operational signals to the devices that regulate the
throttle position. The throttle position maintains the
selected vehicle speed. Essentially, the ECM compares
the actual speed of the vehicle to the selected speed.
Then, it uses the result of that comparison to open or
close the throttle.
The brake switch releases the system’s control of the
throttle at the instant the driver depresses the brake
pedal. The switch sends an electronic signal to the ECM
when the brake pedal is depressed; the ECM responds
by allowing the throttle to close. The clutch switch (man-
ual transmission) or the A/T gear position switch (auto-
matic transmission) sends a disengage signal to the
ECM that also allows the throttle to close.
The cruise control system will set and automatically
maintain any speed above 25 mph (45 km/h). To set,
make sure that the main switch is in the “ON” position.
After reaching the desired speed, press the set switch.
The ECM will receive a set signal and, in turn, will actu-
ate the throttle valve control motor. When the set switch
is depressed and the cruise control system is on, the
“cruise control” ON indicator in the gauge assembly will
light up. You can cancel the cruise control system by
pushing the main switch to “OFF”. This erases the set
speed from memory. If the system is disengaged tem-
porarily by the brake switch, clutch switch, or A/T gear
position switch and vehicle speed is still above 25 mph,
press the resume switch. With the resume switch
depressed and the set memory retained, the vehicle
automatically returns to the previous set speed.
For gradual acceleration without depressing the acceler-
ator pedal, push the resume switch down and hold it
there until the desired speed is reached. This will send
an acceleration signal to the ECM. When the switch is
released, the system will be reprogrammed for the new
speed. To slow down, depress the set switch. This will
send a deceleration signal to the ECM causing the car to
coast until the desired speed is reached. When the
desired speed is reached, release the set switch. This
will reprogram the system for the new speed.