Wheel Alignment
NSX/NSX-T four wheel alignment requires the use of equipment designed specifically for four wheel independent
suspensions and capable of immediate feedback.
NOTE: For proper inspection/adjustment of the wheel alignment, check and adjust the following before checking
the alignment.
• Check that the suspension is not modified.
• Check the tire size and tire pressure.
• Check the runout of the wheels and tires.
• Check the suspension ball joints. (Hold a wheel with your hands, then move the wheel up and down and right
and left to check for wobbling.)
• Check the height of each suspension (see below).
Standard value
Ground clearance to the center of the lower
control arm bolt
Ground clearance to the center of the toe con-
trol arm bolt
Height inspection:
• Before checking for the height, bounce the car up and down several times before measuring.
• Check the height with the car empty, parked on a level surface, with properly inflated tires (tread wear indicators must
not be showing). If the height is out of specification, load or unload the car as necessary.