Automatic Transmission


Stall Speed
To prevent transmission damage, do not test stall speed for more than 10 seconds at a time.
Do not shift the lever while raising the engine speed.
Be sure to remove the pressure gauge before testing stall speed.
1. Engage the parking brake and block all four wheels.
2. Connect the tachometer, and start the engine.
3. Make sure the A/C switch is OFF.
4. After the engine has warmed up to normal operating temperature (the cooling fan comes on), shift into position.
5. Fully depress the brake pedal and accelerator for 6 to 8 seconds, and note engine speed.
6. Allow 2 minutes for cooling, then repeat same test in and position.
Stall speed tests should be used for diagnostic pressure only.
Stall speed should be the same in and
Stall Speed RPM: Specification: 1,950-2,250 rpm