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Relief Valve Replacement
1. Remove the relief valve and O-ring.
Don’t let any refrigerant oil run out.
NOTE: Be sure to use the right O-rings for R-134a.
2. Clean off the mating surface.
3. Replace O-ring with new one at the relief valve, and
apply refrigerant oil (ND-OIL 8) to it.
• Do not return the oil to the container once
dispensed and never mix with other refrigerant
oils to avoid contamination.
• Immediately after using the oil, replace the cap
on the container and seal it to avoid moisture
• Do not spill the refrigerant oil on the car; it may
damage the paint; if the refrigerant oil contacts
the paint, wash it off immediately.
4. Install and tighten the relief valve.
5. Charge the system and check for leaks, then push
the cap into the valve.