Hard Steering
Steering is heavy.
Start the engine and check the EPS
indicator light.
Does the EPS indicator light
come on?
Refer to the symptom-to-system
Chart (see page 17-25).
Are they normal? Correct the air pressure or wheelalignment.
Check the power assist with the
car parked:
1. Park the vehicle on a level sur-
face with the wheels pointing
straight ahead.
2. Measure the steering wheel
turning force. Refer to the chart
on the right.
Power Assist Check with Car Parked:
Connect a spring scale to the steering wheel and turn the
wheel. Read the measurement when the front wheels start
to move.
Is it within specification?
Check for loose the EPS control
unit connectors or poor contact
of terminals, and inspect the
mechanical steering system:
EPS system is OK.
Check the tire pressure and front
wheel alignment.