General Info


Service Precautions
Handling of Special Nuts and Bolts
Because many sections on this car are constructed with
aluminum alloys, use only the special “Dacro” type
nuts and bolts recommended by Acura.
Dacro finish can be identified by gray plating.
Some Dacro finish bolts have a green coating on
the thread section of the bolt for easier applica-
tion. This type of bolt is called a “Torquer” bolt.
Use of other types of nuts and bolts may cause
electrolysis and corrosion, which in turn could
cause the bolt to loosen.
Gray plating
Green coating
on the threads
Gray plating: “Dacro” type
Gray plating + Green coating on the threads:
“Torquer” type
1. When replacing nuts and bolts, use only the same
2. Tighten the nuts and bolts with a torque wrench to
the specifications provided in this manual.
3. Clean all thread ridges with a non-wire-type bristle
brush. Foreign matter in the threads may cause the
bolt to loosen.
4. Sections on this car requiring the use of Dacro nuts
and bolts will be indicated by a ( ) in this manual.
Handling of Tires
The tires on NSX & NSX-T should not be rotated. The
front wheels are 16″ in, diameter and the rear wheels
are 17″ in, so they cannot be rotated front-to-rear.
The original-equipment tires on NSX & NSX-T have
a unidirectional tread pattern, so they cannot be ro-
tated side-to-side.
The folding spare tire cannot be repaired or removed
from the rim.
Engine Steam-cleaning
(NSX-T only)
When steam-cleaning the engine compartment, keep the
roof holder switch dry. If the roof holder switch gets wet
accidentally, dry it thoroughly with compressed air.
Roof holder switch